Seasonal Garden Services | Spring

Here are just some of the services we can offer during early Spring

Spring Lawn Care

With March upon us, it is now time to start preparing for the start of the lawn care year. Our gardeners can provide a complete plan to ensure you have a stunning lawn.
March lawn care services:

    • Lawn cutting (we recommend a light ‘topping’ of the grass at this point).
    • Moss treatment
    • Apply lawn fertilizer
    • Aeration (spiking to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots).


Hedge Care

If it is a new lawn you require or if you would like your old lawn replaced, Hythe Garden Landscapes have a team of skilled and experienced turf layers. We use high quality, locally grown turf for our customers and pride ourselves in creating fantastic results.
Contact us on 01303 770610 to arrange a completely free assessment and quotation.

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Hedge Care

At Hythe Garden Shop, we stock a range of slug and snail control items. Short of time? Our gardeners can bring the items to your door and apply them at your convenience.

Hedge Care

Our gardeners can supply and plant Summer flowering bulbs which can provide a riot of colour in the coming months. Gladiolus, Crocosmia and Begonia are fantastic choices and offer stunning flowers.

Seasonal Garden Services | Late Winter

Here are just some of the services we can offer over the late Winter months

Hedge Care

Deciduous hedges and conifer hedges are best maintained in winter, so February is the last chance to tame an unruly hedge. The expert team at Hythe Garden Landscapes can take care of all of your hedging needs. Call us for a quote.

Rose Bed Development

It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.
― Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy-Tacy and Tib

Roses come in myriad colours, fragrances, shapes and sizes. They ramble, climb, stand tall and low. Old, new, in pots and on walls, the Rose is a truly splendid plant.

Right now is the best time to buy and plant bare root roses. They cost a fraction of the price you will pay later in the year but there is still a fabulous choice.

Give us a call and we can deliver the romance of Roses to your garden.

Fruit Tree Pruning

We all love the site of an apple tree in blossom before the explosion of fruit comes, ripening pears ready to eat and sweet cherries, dripping from branches. However, unless fruit tress are pruned correctly we are left disappointed with our harvest. Call us now to give your fruit trees the care and attention they need.

Lawn Care

With Spring on the way we can prepare your lawn for the season ahead. Clear lawn edging creates a neat and tidy appearance and makes maintenance easier.

Lawn aeration helps to relieve compaction while allowing air, rain and nutrients to penetrate a hard surface, improves bacterial activity and helps reduce thatch.

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Soil Improvement

Every year we all enjoy the splendid array of flowers, fruits and vegetables our gardens provide. In working so hard to please us our garden plants use a lot of nutrients present in the soil, the lifeblood of the garden. To ensure that we continue to be delighted with our gardens and that they bear the fruits of our labour we need to feed the soil. Whether is it digging in the right type of compost, adding mulch or bark, or spreading fertiliser you can rely on Hythe Garden Services to do the job properly, with care and attention.

We can also help you create your own compost by erecting compost bins and showing you exactly how to use them.

Seeds for Bedding Plants

Want your garden to be a blaze of colour this summer?

Sheds, greenhouses, conservatories or space indoors for pots and seed trays provide wonderful means to prepare a riot of colour for your garden.  Very cost effective way of adding colour to the garden.

Hythe Garden Shop sells seeds, compost and seed trays. Alternatively speak to your regular gardener who will be happy to offer advice and supply items directly to you.