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We at Hythe Tree Care aim to offer our customers the complete range of arboriculture and forestry services from domestic gardens to commercial and public parkland at cost effective prices. We are fully insured and hold full NPTC qualifications.
We offer a high level of care for young or mature trees of any size and will recommend the best option to keep you garden trees healthy and manageable.
Every time work is carried out on a tree, it will have an affect on the health and structure of the tree, which is why all of our tree work is carried out by fully trained professionals to a high standard in line with BS3998 recommendations for tree work.
Some trees are protected by TPO (Tree Preservation Order) and conservation areas, this means that the local council will need to give permission before we can carry out any work. We can contact the council on your behalf. For more information on TPOs and conservation areas please go to: https://www.shepway.gov.uk/planning/trees-and-hedges/protected-trees

We are licensed to carry green waste and offer a green waste disposal service using a hydraulic operated woodchipper. All of our timber is processed into logs and sold when seasoned. The chippings are also recycled for sale for your paths and borders.

We carry all aspect of tree work:

  • Pruning and trimming
  • Crown reduction/thinning/lifting
  • Felling/removal
  • Pollarding
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree planting

Pruning, pollarding and trimming
Pruning is essential in order to maintain the health and aesthetics of a tree and should only be undertaken by someone with a good understanding of trees and shrubs. Our newly trained staff have up-to-date knowledge and subsequently will recommend the extent of pruning required.
Pollarding is a type of pruning where the upper branches are removed back to the trunk which reduces the trees growth. Again, we can recommend where this would be beneficial for your garden trees.

Crown reduction and thinning
This reduces the overall size of the tree. Its purpose is to improve stability, shape and in some cases, extend the life of the tree. Crown thinning helps a more mature tree in strong winds as it improves the airflow through the tree.

Stump grinding
Specialised equipment is required to remove tree stumps and we are fully trained and insured for this type of task. Although stumps can be left, they can be a hazard and often attract unwanted insects so it is better to have them removed.

Tree planting
Trees are often a big investment for any garden and require specialist care when planting. The soil preparation and correct planting methods will ensure healthy, long- lasting growth for your trees.

Tree felling or removal
This is a very dangerous aspect of tree care and needs to be undertaken by professionals who fully understand the biology and physical nature of a tree. It also requires careful handling of specialist equipment. In most cases, a tree is removed because it is starting to decay, please call us out for a free inspection if you think you have any decaying branches as these could become unsafe.

For more information or a no obligation free quotation, please call 01303  770 610 or visit Hythe Garden Shop for any friendly help or advice.

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